Life moves fast and when I was young I really didn’t understand the full meaning of this. I find that writing dates down and then finding them or looking back at these dates, it’s amazing how those dates are long gone by.

My life seems like some sort of picture book one that is a bit old and faded. I’m not the same person that I was when I was 5, 15, 20, 25, or 30. Technically that is one-hundred percent true. Most of our cells have been replaced and at this very moment your cells are dying and being replaced. Our memories keep us in the past and I believe this is one of the greatest mysteries of the human brain. We want to live in the present this is ideal, but our minds keep searching and reliving the past. An exercise in futility.

We are mammals with all of the faults that come with that. We can’t comprehend time and the vastness of space. We are like butterflies who wake up for a short while and we think that we are all that there is in this world. We want to make a difference and we long to be remembered after we are gone. I believe this desire drives many people.


2 responses to “Dawn

  1. I really appreciate this piece, Dad. I love the use of butterflies to represent our lives. It’s poetic and it’s fleeting-like us.

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