Out of Order

Creatures who are unaware of all their faults and yet think the world of themselves.

Is it better to be confident or to be doubtful? As I roamed the schools of this new high school in a new state, a state that I didn’t grow up in. I observed those around me. I quickly became friends with two people. One was a homely girl and I don’t remember her name. I remember she was nerdy and a bit doughy. I don’t say this to be mean but just to emphasize the fact that she was what would be considered an “outcast” to any group which you would say is popular.

The second person I made friends with was a skinny Indian kid. Again I can’t remember this guys name but he was frail looking kid. He appeared to be studious and wore sweaters, in other words he was a nerd. Ha. Does this mean I was a nerd too? I’m not sure but it goes to say that when people aren’t part of mainstream “groups” that is to say jocks, rockers, preppies, etc, they tend to form up into their own groups. I think this speaks to our history as social animals. We don’t have big teeth or huge canines, we have a big brain and that’s what sets up apart. We form groups and together we can survive or our chances get better.  I was always a shy kid a product of my environment as a child, keep quiet and it’s better for me not to be noticed.